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UUMA2 seminar on the 10th of September 2015

UUMA2 seminar was organised in Finnish Environment Institute SYKE in Helsinki. The seminar was also showed via Internet as a webinar. People from Meehanite Technology Ltd and AX-LVI Consulting Ltd participated to the UUMA2 webinar.

In the UUMA2 seminar the goals and current issues of the use of recovered materials in groundworks were presented. Also case studies from several construction sites where recovered materials have been used were presented.

About UUMA2 Programme

Natural rock materials to be used in groundworks can be replaced with recovered materials acquired from surplus ground, industrial by-products and waste, mildly contaminated ground and materials from old groundworks. These materials are called UUMA materials. They can be used in groundworks such as they are or as components to replace untouched rock material or to improve their properties. 

The goal of the UUMA2 programme is to promote the use of recovered materials in groundworks and thus decrease the use of untouched natural resources and the environmental effects of groundworks.

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